We pursue our passion everyday...

With an artistic & creative eye we recover solid, unique driftwood along the Ohio River here in SW Indiana. Using vast carpentry experience we create incredible, one-of-a-kind furniture & home decor.
Created with true passion and craftsmanship. We truly love what we do and we believe it shows in each unique piece of furniture and home decor that we create…
Every piece is individually designed. We strive to work in harmony with the character of the driftwood we recover, no two pieces are ever the same.
Every Spring the Mighty Ohio offers up some incredible materials for us to work with. The saying around here is
“The River Provides”
Driftwood as a medium is not easy to work with. We put our vast experience in carpentry to work in order to create pieces that are aesthetically attractive and structurally sound.


The "Drift Away" Collection